Gregory T. – Rochester, NY 14623

Michael was very prompt, friendly and knowledgable. He talked me through a quick assessment of the situation over the phone before he could get here, and arrived promptly as scheduled. I thought the price was very reasonable, less than I had guessed it was going to be for the amount of time he spent resealing the fittings and checking things out. He also pointed out a few things that should be attended to soon. I think some of these smaller businesses can offer better prices and more personable service than others. Very professional overall.

Gas Leak – I had a very minor gas leak that I tracked down using a soapy water spray on the interior supply line, and I went to Angie’s List to find someone who could come out right away. Better to be safe with these things, and gas is the one thing I don’t fiddle with myself. I had him take the gas supply line apart and redo the seals on the fittings, and also give the furnace and water heater a once-over while he was here.