Preventive Maintenance Safety Inspection
Natural Gas Forced Air Furnaces

Homeowners have many things that need to be maintained regularly; some costly and others not to expensive. BP Residential Heating and cooling are here to help keep your cost down on your home heating and cooling comfort systems, accessories and water heaters.

Give your family peace of mind knowing your home comfort systems are operating efficiently and safely each season.

BP Residential Heating and Cooling recommends a preventive maintenance, cleaning and safety inspection service on your homes heating systems at very competitive prices. We offer preventive maintenance savings agreements (PMSA) to fit your needs; not what you don't need. Ask about your savings agreement today and locking in for up to a two year agreement and save even more.

Service all makes and models

Preventive Maintenance Safety Inspection
Oil Fired Furnaces

There are not many contractors left that service 'Oil Furnaces" however; we continue to provide repairs, services and installations to customers with oil fired forced air systems and oil fired boiler systems. Call us today for all your oil fired heating systems.

Oil furnaces burns dirty unlike natural gas. therefore; oil furnaces requires more time and testing with special tools during a preventive maintenance.

Vacuum heating unit, vent pipe and chimney base (if accessible)
Conduct test to determine how to restore system to peak efficiency if required
Adjust burner for maximum efficiency
Clean and adjust electrode and nozzle assembly
Replace oil nozzle
Replace Oil filter - 1a25
Oil Cartridges are availble at additional charge

Test and adjust all safeties and operating controls.
Inspect flue pipe, barometric damper & Clean combustion chamber
Check oil tank and lines for wear
Inform customer of equipment condition via written report and
recommend repairs.
Have your furnace inspected yearly to keep your family safe and warm this winter season

Safety Inspections

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Furnace parts are checked for proper values and life expectancy
Preventive Maintenance Savings Plans (PMSA) are available and based on your needs. 
Natural Gas furnaces only
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You have one of these?
" Not many contractor left that service oil furnaces." 
BP Residential Heating and Cooling continue to service oil fired forced air and oil fired boilers. We have the tools and knowledge to help you.
Call us to schedule your service maintenance today.